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During any emergency, business is disrupted, and it can cost money. Lost revenues plus extra expenses attempting to rebuild vital infrastructure means reduced profits. Although insurance companies to provide some financial and recovery assistance, they do not provide preventative disaster or emergency, and what to do subsequently to continue business is essential. Rockeye Consulting Services will assist businesses in developing a preparedness program by providing tools to create a plan that addresses the impact of many hazards such as natural disasters, criminal activity, physical security & operations, and threat assessment.

Corporate Emergency Response Team (Cert) Training

Safety & Safety-Threat

Safety-Threat Assessments (STA’s) are an in-depth analysis of your facilities and infrastructure to determine the value of threat and consequence. The objective of the STA’s are to create a level of protection that mitigates threats such as active shooter, natural disasters, and other critical incidents and limit or prevent potential consequences, thereby reducing risk and increasing readiness and potentially saving lives.

Risk Managements Audits & Reviews

Risk Managements Audits
& Reviews

Rockeye Consulting Services will identify and assess any and all risks which may affect your business operations. Once risks are identified, we will develop strategies and a detailed continuity plan to prevent, manage, or lessen their impact. Our experts have the ability to provide evaluations in almost all forms of business entity and model including construction, planning, cyber networking, and more.


Corporate Emergency Response Team (Cert) Training

Corporate Emergency Response Team (Cert) Training

Rockeye Consulting Services provides our clients with precise and detailed training in emergency operations procedures (EOP) which include Company Emergency Response Team (CERT) development and certification. We also provide all designated employees an overview of the company’s approach to an organizations operations before, during and after an emergency.

Emergency Operations Centers (Eoc) Development & Training

Emergency Operations Centers (Eoc) Development & Training

Our Department of Homeland Security (DHS) trained experts will provide our corporate clients the highest caliber of executive training and certification in the development and implementation of an Emergency Operation Center (EOC), and ensure they comply with State and Federal Emergency Management Systems (FEMS), and National Incident Management System (NIMS) standards.

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